5 Houston Luxury Home Buying Trends Preferred By Young Professionals

5 Houston Luxury Home Buying Trends Preferred By Young Professionals | by Addie Hall

5 Houston Luxury Home Buying Trends Preferred By Young Professionals

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Luxury homes are exactly that – luxurious. By the very definition, they have features that you won’t find in most homes, extravagant details that set them apart, accentuate the home, and provide enjoyment for their owners beyond mere function. However, just because you can have something, doesn’t necessarily mean that today’s Houston luxury home buyer will find it worth the investment. Below are five coveted luxury home features that young professionals are finding as better alternatives.

1. The chef’s kitchen. Over half of all prospective luxury home owners surveyed wanted one. Chef’s kitchens are intended to service dozens of people twice or more a day, and many young professionals don’t see the need for that kind of kitchen capability. Things like commercial-grade stoves, pot-fillers, and warming drawers add enormous costs without contributing much in the way of functionality. Remember, it’s the cook that makes great food, not just the equipment.

The new trend: Many young professional luxury home buyers are opting for upgraded materials, fixtures, and appliances in the kitchen, and adding more storage space. They find granite, or other hard surfaces, as a better investment to lend a premium feel to the kitchen while providing a resilient surface on which to cook and serve.

2. The whirlpool/jacuzzi. Relaxing in a hot jacuzzi might sound like a good idea, the reality is people seldom use them once the grandeur has worn off. Worse, the complicated system of jets and tubing can become a breeding ground for bacteria and a refuge for pests. Many home buyers find the maintenance is a hassle and opt for other alternatives.

The new trend: Instead, many young professionals are opting to upgrade showers with rainwater shower heads, cascading water features, luxury materials, in-mirror TV with built in audio and email systems, custom lighting, and other premium fixtures. Young professionals are finding that there are other forms of relaxing and being entertained than just soaking in a jacuzzi tub.

3. The outdoor lap pool. While we would all like to believe that we would use that lap pool every day to hone our Olympic-level backstroke, some young professionals are finding pools are often just another item to maintain (and can be a danger to young children) in their busy life.

The new trend: Instead many home buyers are opting for a customized home gym. Rather than invest a lot of money and time maintaining a pool, or paying for a gym membership the idea of a home gym is gaining more attention. No more waiting for other people to finish with certain equipment or dealing with prying eyes. For less than the cost of a pool, you can have a fully-furnished and equipped indoor gym, without the continual maintenance.

4. The formal dining room. Many young professionals find dining rooms obsolete. Sure, they might come in handy during holidays or for large dinner parties, but most of the time they find the space stuck in a time capsule that could be put to better use.

The new trend: Instead many young professional home buyers are opting for a custom designed media room. There they entertain dinner guests in a lounge-like setting, have a beautiful lecture hall, or even throw a sports-watching party. The beauty of a media room is its functionality of the space.

5. Traditional outdoor furniture. It’s become a growing trend amongst young professional home buyers to replace traditional lawn furniture with other outdoor extravagances.

The new trend: Instead many home buyers are utilizing outdoor spaces for a personal oasis to wind down and for entertaining. Outdoor features often include decorative stained concrete, custom built pizza oven, full outdoor kitchens, misting and heating systems, custom lighting, and a fireplace for those cool evenings.

At the end of the day, luxury homeowners can and will choose whatever features will make them happy. This is just a list of ideas and alternatives to help you decide what you might want (or wish to avoid) in your next dream home.

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