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Blake Alexander Dennis | David Young and Company | YoungPreneur

Blake Alexander Dennis


My name is Blake Alexander Dennis and I am a fellow Houstonian. I was born in Houston and at the age of three I moved overseas to Azerbaijan where I remained for ten years. I spent my primary and middle years studying at The International School of Azerbaijan. In 2013, I moved to Houston and in the fall I started at the Village High School. I participate in three sports teams;, American football, football, and track and field. Apart from sports, I engage in other extra circulars such as MUN (Model United Nations), Student Government, Head of Homecoming Committee, a House Captain, and Senior committee. In terms of real estate and entrepreneurship, I was exposed to both at a young age, having a businessman as a father and real estate agents as uncles. They fueled my passion for business and real estate and lead me to start my own “Little League Entrepreneurs Club”. I hope to take on a career in either real estate or business and management following a college education in business and management.

Wassim Ghazi | David Young and Company | YoungPreneur

Wassim Ghazi


I am Wassim Ghazi. I was born in Midland, Texas and raised by a multi-national family with my mother being from Norway and my father who is Egyptian. Of the 17 years I have been alive; I have lived in Houston for 16. I am an avid soccer player, and while this is my favorite sport, I do not limit myself to only one as I enjoy tennis, skiing, snowboarding, and swimming.


Sadly, this coming year I will be attending my last year of high school at The Village School. Village is an amazing place to have grown up in, with a small population you can get close with everyone, making it a very welcoming place, to express yourself and to enjoy High School.


After Village I plan to study mechanical engineering and/or business, eventually forming my own tuning business for cars. Not only will I be studying, but I hope that I will be able to play soccer at the collegiate level, too.


David Young and Co. seems to be an organization full of knowledge and expertise in the field of realty, and a vision that beats the crowds. With that mix I am certainly looking forward to engaging in an internship to learn the set of skills needed for managing a successful marketing campaign through mediums like film, and photography, two hobbies I enjoy a lot.

ANANYA GUPTA | YoungPreneur at David Young & Company

Ananya Gupta


My name is Ananya Gupta and I am a rising senior at International Village High school. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Texas for high school. First to Dallas for my Freshman year and, then to Houston, where I currently live with my parents, younger brother and beloved dog.


I am passionate about living life with a purpose. I strive to continuously grow academically, socially and mentally. Helping others has been a part of who I am since I was a kid. I was always seen as a the leader in my group of friends which drove my passion for community service. Last year I started the service club, “ A Childhood for Children” at my school. Through this club, I spend time fundraising and traveling on service trips to different countries such as Panama and India to serve impoverished children. My passion for community expands into other areas as well; I coached swimming at the YMCA last summer.


Just like any other teenager, I love to spend time with friends and family, and listen to music. I am also a 5th year competitive swimmer. Swimming is a hobby I have had since childhood.


I plan to study Business in college, and I am looking forward to what all David Young and Company has to offer me in a summer internship.

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