It Takes A Long Time To Become Young

It Takes A Long Time To Become Young | by Carol Young

It Takes A Long Time To Become Young

“It takes a very long time to become young.” —  Pablo Picasso


We all seek our way through life

This quote has become one of my all time favorite quotes on both a personal and professional level. As we all ‘seek’ our way through this thing called life, we are met with so many challenges — challenges in our careers, challenges in our families and relationships — and we are slowly stripped of that magic and fearlessness that we had as a child. We slowly begin to fill those voids with fear of risks and oftentimes, complacency.

Curiosity is celebrated

This Picasso quote sums up the essence of our business philosophy at David Young and Company.  I’m proud to say that I’ve weathered some ups and downs in my career and my personal life, but I’m ecstatic to say that I have arrived right back at being YOUNG. David and I have carefully built a brokerage that is based on a culture of creativity and innovation. Curiosity is celebrated here just like it was through my childhood eyes.

The new model

I often compare where we have been as an industry and where I have been personally in the last three decades. My career path, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is one that has taken me up the ranks of a well-known franchise brokerage, across the planet speaking, teaching, and recruiting agents and achieving great success in leadership. It has been a privilege to learn from the best, be taught how to be the best, and be provided a platform to become one of the best leaders in the game. After leaving that national franchise company and joining David to create David Young and Company, the world of business (and specifically real estate) began to pivot like it never has before.  Now after three years of planning, our vision to create ‘the new model’ in real estate wasn’t just a wish, it became essential to thriving in an industry that is experiencing rapid change and disruption.

A different approach

There is much speculation on exactly what is going to be our new normal as both Realtors and consumers. Technology is essentially driving our world and mandating that we either shift our thinking and rise to meet the new needs of our clients, or we find a new career path. One thing I know for sure is that this savvy “New Consumer” is begging for something remarkable. Through my knowledge, experience and the passion for setting the benchmark again in this industry, I am excited to unveil a different approach to real estate that offers deliverables that are radically different than what any other brokerage in Houston is creating and pushing out the door. We are hell bent on providing our customers with a remarkable experience.

Embrace change

I would say that David and I are so lucky to be at this point in our lives, and I do think there is some good karma floating back in our direction right now. But we have also put in decades of hard work and determination to get to where we are. We have both sacrificed, compromised, and had our moments of being defeated, but we have both arrived back at being YOUNG again.  We have strategically assembled an incredible team of agents and staff who share our vision for embracing change while celebrating the past.

Win the game

For years I believed that businesses should be like a family and, although I still am passionate about a close-knit work culture, I now know that business should operate more like a professional sports team than family.  We strategically operate and rely on the talent of each team member to win the game in real estate services for luxury homes in Houston. We are so blessed to have so many MVPs on our team here at David Young and Company and are excited to discover the talent of many more.

Carol Peyton

Carol Peyton Young

VP and CMO | Noted industry leader and professional speaker.

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