Tips to Consider When Moving to Houston

Tips to Consider When Moving to Houston | DY&C

Tips to Consider When Moving to Houston

Moving to a new home and city like Houston offers many exciting opportunities. For some, it’s a new chapter in life. For others, it’s the adventure of something fresh and exciting to experience. But like any move, the moving process presents its own set of challenges. For example, what do you keep or discard? Where will you enroll the kids for school? How will you keep the family positive and happy throughout the move? And how do you get your family to help with the packing?

Deciding where to move is often the easy part. The more difficult task is organizing everything that needs to get done for your move. The best way to achieve this is to make a master checklist.

Following are some tips that will help make your move as smooth as possible.

  • Complete a change of address. The post office provides forms, or you can do this online.
  • Update your billing and credit card information. The last thing you want to happen is to move to a new city and be locked out of your bank account or credit cards because your new activity and location don’t match up to what your bank sees as the norm.
  • Update your insurance policies.
  • Obtain a new driver’s license and plates (if moving to a new state).
  • Find a reputable moving company. Make your move easier by choosing the right movers. is a good place to start to read reviews as well as get estimates.
  • Budget for all your moving expenses. Make sure to budget the moving company costs, as well as account for additional fees for transporting an additional vehicle, assembly of appliances, moving of unusual items (fish tank, piano, etc.), security deposits and start-up fees. Also, make arrangements for transporting plants and pets.
  • Cancel utility services and arrange for new ones. Arrange a date and time for disconnections at your current home and schedule activation times for utilities and services at your new home.

Other Recommendations

I would highly recommend putting deadlines on individual steps of the moving process. Following are some recommended timeframes:

  • Two months before you move, start sorting through your belongings. You know you have things in your closet that you haven’t touched in years.  Personally, I use the rule that if I haven’t needed it in the last year, then it goes in the discard or donate pile. You don’t want to bring unnecessary stuff to your shiny new home.
  • Six weeks before you move order moving supplies (i.e. tape, boxes, labels). I have found that if you spend a little bit more on colorful labels, you just might excite your family enough to pack their own rooms instead of leaving the entire job to you. Having your boxes labeled also makes for an easier unpacking session and helps guide the movers where to place each box as it is unloaded.
  • One month before you move, start packing several boxes every day. It is possible to pack an entire house in one day, but you will likely regret waiting until the last minute to pack.
  • One month before you move schedule your move date with the moving services company.

Now that you are settled into your new home check out some community events and get to know your neighbors.

Are you ready to make your move to Houston? At David Young and Company, we know luxury homes.

Karlie Stephens

Karlie Stephens

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